KNUCK - The world's 1st knuckle push-up gear!

The KNUCK is great workout accessory to expand your fitness programs in Calisthenics, Crossfit, Boxing, Martial arts, Circuit training, Fitness in general...You can use the KNUCK in various exercise combinations that are performed indoor, outdoor, home, office, on the go or your local gym. ✔ Workout anywhere, anytime, on any surface ✔ Easy to carry ✔ Angled ergonomic design ✔ Comfort grip ✔ High quality soft material ✔ Protects the skin on your hands ✔ Easy to clean


Push-ups overview

Push-ups and planks are one of the oldest and most effective exercises. The push-up exercise is used by competitive sports around the world for overall fitness and strength. Traditional push-ups with the palms placed directly on a surface such as a floor, has limitations in exercising compared to knuckle push-ups. However, doing knuckle push-ups on a hard surface place stress on knuckles, wrists and cause increased feeling of pain. Therefore, KNUCK is the world's 1st knuckle push-up accessory that prevents stress, pain and possible injury!

KNUCK push-ups benefits

The KNUCK push-ups are an amazing way to increase your strength and comfort with all the benefits that traditional and bar push-ups can't offer. In this exercise, the upper body is supported on knuckles as opposed to palm in a traditional and bar push-ups. While performing KNUCK push-ups, muscles in your arms and upper body work harder in order to maintain your balance. This in return increases the punching efficiency and knuckle strength. The crucial benefits of KNUCK push-ups are increased strength in your wrists, forearms and upper body muscles that will improve muscular stability in your arms, shoulders and core.

KNUCK vs. Traditional and Bar Push-ups

Traditional push-ups can lead to wrist injury, connective tissue trauma or carpal syndrome, that's why professional trainers and doctors suggest push-ups on your knuckles as an injury prevention, or post medical workout therapy.

Traditional push-ups are performed with an open palm vs. knuckle push-ups that are performed on your fists witch releases the pressure off your wrist. So, if you have wrist pain and still wish to exercise, then knuckle push-ups are one of the best body-weight exercise you can do, while the traditional push-ups on the other hand, will aggravate your wrist pain even further.


Angled ergonomic design locks your fist and arm in best natural position.


The KNUCK is made of high-quality soft durable rubber to maximize your comfort.

With KNUCK you can workout anywhere, anytime, on any surface.


A comfortable grip releases the pressure of your finger tips and your palm.

Finger positioning design is spreadingthe pressure equally on entire hand


Measure the width of your right and than left hand with a ruler. Use the measurement of wider hand in size chart. Find the closest measurement, that is equal to or greater than the width of your hand.

Measuring Tips: If your measurement is between two sizes, always move up to the larger size.Be sure to measure both hands. Many people have hands of different sizes.